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sobota, 20 marca 2010

ostatni (warszawski) weekend

Tydzień temu poszukiwałem ostatnich śladów zimy nad morzem. Dzisiaj przyszła kolej na Warszawę.

3 komentarze:

Nadja pisze...

I vote for the switch to English!
If you need a vote. :-))
It's very funny to read the translations.
But, it's a good thing I have
vivid imagination. ...
Even if I love abstract a lot too. "-))
No no, the main things come through. I guess.
But the best words (guessing again)
don't get translated. "-))
I love your style.
The blog is great.
I still must see a lot,
but I know enough:
Wonderful photography.
Cool stories.
Just my way of saying:
Big XXX (For the good work!)

Sevillian pisze...

These are very nice words Nadja. Thanks a lot!
Too much Polish readers, so I hope google will improve its translator application quality :)
All the best!

Nadja pisze...

No problem!
Your blog is worth the effort!